Donations to Other Institutions:

The Trust has been giving donations to Charitable organizations engaged in public service for objectives conforming to the aims of the Trust; due priority is accorded to Arya Samaj Institutions for their public service-oriented initiatives particularly in the field of education, spread of Indian culture, medical and health-care. The endeavor has been to focus on creation of tangible assets and ensuring sustainability of the project undertaken by the institutions.

During 2021-22, Trust supported 10 institutions, through donations amounting to Rs. 23.01 Lacs. A statement giving institution-wise details is annexed.

Support to Diwan Chand Arya Senior Secondary School

Lala Diwan Chand knew the importance of education, and curious for knowledge was incessantly engaged in discussion with seers. He gave a blank cheque to Mahamana Madan Mohan Malviya for establishing Banaras Hindu University or Kashi Hindu Vishwavidyalaya and from time to time continued contributing. Lalaji subscribed to the notion of economic inclusion and for developing the skills of the youth bequeathed a large sum of money towards industrial, technical and vocational based education scholarships for poor students.  He stipulated that the scholarship holders be asked to execute an agreement in writing that they will refund the amount received by them so that the money could be reused in giving more scholarships and continuity is maintained with a greater number of students benefiting.

In keeping with the ideals of Lala Diwan Chand, the Trust stands committed to extend requisite financial support to Diwan Chand Arya Senior Secondary School Society for running Diwan Chand Arya Senior Secondary School. All the Trustee are also the Members of the Society. Shri S.P. Puri, Chairman of the Trust Board is also the Chairman of the Governing Council of the Diwan Chand Arya Senior Secondary School Society.           

During 2021-22, Trust provided donation of Rs 27.75 Lacs to Diwan Chand Arya Senior Secondary School Society for improved running of the School.