Lala Diwan Chand - A successful entrepreneur, staunch patriot, passionate social reformer, devout Arya Samaji and ardent philanthropist. This multifaceted personality became parentless at the tender age of six years, went on to become one of Delhi’s most affluent, influential and benevolent businessmen.

The journey was not easy as Lalaji belonged to a family of modest means, and due to financial constraints could study only till Class 3. Yet he overcame all the hurdles of life through hard work, determination, and personal sacrifice. Adversity and setbacks did not deter him, on the contrary strengthened his nerves and sharpened his skills.

More than Lala Diwan Chand's affluence and wealth, he was renowned for his generosity and social work. His legacy is etched in the minds of those whose lives he transformed, and his beneficence continues in the form of the present trust created by him - LALA DIWAN CHAND TRUST

Guiding Principles Of Life

Hard work, Discipline and absolute Honesty, were the three pillars of Lala Diwan Chand’s life.”


On September 24 1885 Lala Diwan Chand was born to a middle class family in a small village Saedpur, Tehsil Chakwal, District Jhelum, Rawalpindi Division located on the banks of the Jhelum river. ceased to be part of India, on the partition of the sub-continent into two independent nation states - India and Pakistan.


Every penny counts - Hardship and poverty toughened Lalaji, who was compelled to take up petty jobs to survive, including doing lifting heavy sacks of salt on his back. As a teenager Lalaji started working as a Munshi for contractor Guruditamal for Rs.10 per month. In spite of earning a meagre amount he was able to save enough money to start his own business, for every penny counts.


Lala Diwan Chand’s did not directly enter the political fray but was responsible for funding the activities of freedom fighters. Politically aware, he took great pride in hosting persons associated with the independence movement and always willing to offer support in whatever way. During the Calcutta Session of the Indian National Congress Lalaji agreed to be in-charge of the welcoming committee and arranged to bear all the expenses


Lala Diwan Chand a true Arya Samaji made efforts to renounce regressive features of society which obstructed advancement. He was continuously engaged in the advancement of education, specially of poor girls for whom he opened Arya Kanya Pathshalas (schools); orphans and widows were given financial assistance and support; and he strived hard for the removal of untouchability.


Importance of education – Lala Diwan Chand knew the importance of education, and curious for knowledge was incessantly engaged in discussion with seers. He gave a blank cheque to Mahamana Madan Mohan Malviya for establishing Banaras Hindu University or Kashi Hindu Vishwavidyalaya and from time to time continued contributing. Lalaji subscribed to the notion of economic inclusion and for developing the skills of the youth bequeathed a large sum of money towards industrial, technical and vocational based education scholarships for poor students.


Lala Diwan Chand was a visionary of his times. Full of life, a man of his word, he was a disciplined and principled man.


Smt Sat Bharawan – In 1911 Lala Diwan Chand married Sat Bharawan and were blessed with two children - son Jagdeesh and daughter Shakuntala, fondly called Shakun. Sat Bharawan was a very loving wife, always smiling, she had a warm, compassionate and congenial nature. The only daughter in her family, Sat Bharawan was pampered by all the relatives, and was religiously inclined at a very young age. Inspite of being home school till the primary level she was highly intelligent.